Posted on: January 13, 2010 12:34 pm

A Call to the Vols

To all the Tennessee Fans pissed about the departure of Lane Kiffin…. Don’t be.  Yes it sucked that he was only here for one year but it is what it is.  I am not saying that we are going to be better off with him or we would have been better off without him but there is no reason to be pissed about this if you think about it logically.  This is part of the game, if we don’t ever want to take a chance of losing our HC or our coordinators they can hire a high school coach. 


I get it people are mad he left but would you be less mad if he left after say 4 years?  Ok someone “stole” our coach but aren’t we getting ready to turn around and “steal” someone else’s coach?  He is taking some recruits and stealing our recruits… did we not steal recruits last year?  Will we never ever steal another recruit from a program again?  What happens if we end up hiring Muschamp and a couple of recruits follow him here?  Will we be upset with him since he brought along some Texas recruits?  I doubt it. 


Just remember what goes around comes around…  There is a realistic possibly of USC being put on probation (How many people were contacted before Kiffin and turned it down?) Let him take his antics and go there.  Good luck at USC Kiffin… I will say 5 years there and you will be gone somewhere else.  Hopefully Chow and Daddy stay the whole time to inflate your record since we went 7-6 because of Monte and not you.


Also Tennessee fans please top doing stupid shit, clean the F*cking rock, don’t portray all of us as ignorant, blind fans by sending death threats to him and his wife… You are making us look as bad as Kentucky Basketball fans (Sorry had to take the jab J).


One quick question for you guys though….  Did we retain Jim Chaney?  I didn’t see where he followed Kiffin to USC and I was wondering what happened to him in the shuffle.  I still believe he did great things with the O (as Monte did with the D) and Chaney as on OC with Muschamp as the HC would be a great fit IMO
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