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A Call to the Vols

To all the Tennessee Fans pissed about the departure of Lane Kiffin…. Don’t be.  Yes it sucked that he was only here for one year but it is what it is.  I am not saying that we are going to be better off with him or we would have been better off without him but there is no reason to be pissed about this if you think about it logically.  This is part of the game, if we don’t ever want to take a chance of losing our HC or our coordinators they can hire a high school coach. 


I get it people are mad he left but would you be less mad if he left after say 4 years?  Ok someone “stole” our coach but aren’t we getting ready to turn around and “steal” someone else’s coach?  He is taking some recruits and stealing our recruits… did we not steal recruits last year?  Will we never ever steal another recruit from a program again?  What happens if we end up hiring Muschamp and a couple of recruits follow him here?  Will we be upset with him since he brought along some Texas recruits?  I doubt it. 


Just remember what goes around comes around…  There is a realistic possibly of USC being put on probation (How many people were contacted before Kiffin and turned it down?) Let him take his antics and go there.  Good luck at USC Kiffin… I will say 5 years there and you will be gone somewhere else.  Hopefully Chow and Daddy stay the whole time to inflate your record since we went 7-6 because of Monte and not you.


Also Tennessee fans please top doing stupid shit, clean the F*cking rock, don’t portray all of us as ignorant, blind fans by sending death threats to him and his wife… You are making us look as bad as Kentucky Basketball fans (Sorry had to take the jab J).


One quick question for you guys though….  Did we retain Jim Chaney?  I didn’t see where he followed Kiffin to USC and I was wondering what happened to him in the shuffle.  I still believe he did great things with the O (as Monte did with the D) and Chaney as on OC with Muschamp as the HC would be a great fit IMO
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Posted on: September 7, 2008 9:29 am
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MY top 25 - September 7th

#1 USC - bye.    Next week vs #6 OSU

#2 Georgia - W 56-17 vs CMI.  500+ total yards on offense with almost a 50/50 balance.  Moreno went off for 168 yards on 18 carries and 3 TDs.  Next week @ South Carolina

#3 Oklahoma - W 52-26 vs Cinci Bradford threw for almost 400 yards and 5 TDs and the Sooners pulled away later en route to a blowout.  They finally got WR Ryan Broyles on the field as a redshirt freshman and he did not dissapoint with a school record (for a Freshman) 141 yards on 7 catches.  Next week @ Washington

#4 Florida - W 26-3 vs Miami.  They started off slow, besides their first drive of the game, and turned it up in the 4th quarter.  Special teams was killer in this game as Miami's punter/kickoff specialist had 3 or 4 tackles to save touchdowns today.  Next week bye

#5 Missouri - W 52-3 vs SEMS. They did everything they were suppose to in this game in being up 42-0 at the end of the first half.  Chase Daniels looks like an early heisman favorite.  Next week vs Nevada

#6 Ohio State - W 26-14 vs Ohio. Looked really sluggish in their game vs Ohio until the muffed punt which allowed them to drive the short field for the lead.  These are the type of games championship teams have to win so we will see what they can do.  Lets all hope for Beanie to come back next week because without him it doesnt look like OSU has a chance.  Next week @ #1 USC

#7 LSU - Postponed vs Troy.  Next week vs North Texas

#8 Wisconsin - W 51-14 vs Marshall.  Slow start falling behind Marshall 14-0 but came on strong after that with 51 unanswered points.  After last weeks HUGE running game they showed they can throw it with Allan Evridge throwing for over 300 yards.  Next week @ Fresno State

#9 Auburn - W 27-13 vs Southern Miss. Auburn came out and proved the same thing as Wisconsin in that their QB threw for almost 250 yards after a dominating run performance last week.  They shut down Southern Miss's offense which looked great in their opening week win.  Next week @ Miss. State

#10 Texas - W 42-12 @ UTEP.  Struggled early allowing UTEP to take an early 6-0 lead but turned it on after that scoring 28 straight points before allowing a late 1st half TD.  Colt McCoy played great in this win going 14-16 in the first half and 20-29 overall for almost 300 yards and 4 Touchdowns.  Next week vs Arkansas.

#11 East Carolina - W 24-3 vs #21 West Virginia.  They have been one of the more impressive teams so far this year with a win against a top ACC team and now a dominating win against a top Big East team (and previous top 10 team). Next week @ Tulane

#12 Texas Tech - W 35-19 vs Nevada.  Harrel has an off game as he only throws for a little over 290 yards (some off game huh?) but his completion percentage was only 41%.  Crabtree impressed again hauling in an 82 yard Touchdown and catching 7 for 158 overall.  Defense and special teams came up big.  The defense employed the bend but dont break strategy, evidence by them giving up 4 field goals in the first 3 quarters, (and with that offense that is going to be good enough for a win a lot of the time).  And special teams came up with a big punt return for a TD in the first quarter.  Next week vs SMU.

#13 Penn St - W 45-14 vs Oregon State.  With all the off field problems PSU is having they are not having any probelms lighting up the scoreboard so far this year.  Clark threw for a little over 200 yards and Royster ran for almost 150 yards as this offense looks to be rolling.  Next week @ syracuse.

#14 Alabama - W 20-6 vs Tulane.  Alabama did not look as impressive as they did in their opening night win but some of that could be contributed from to a hangover.  Their offense was pretty much held in check and the game would have been a lot closer if not for that 90 yard Punt return for a TD in the first quarter.  Next week vs Western Kentucky.

#15 Oregon - W 66-24 vs Utah State.  Oregon's offense looked like it was playing a game as it went for almost 700 yards and most of the backups were in to start the 2nd half.  Oregon probably would have gave back 21 of those points if they could get back one of their injured players.  Their starting RB Johnson went down in the first series with a shoulder injury, but he was trying to get back in the game so this might not be as big a deal as I think.  Next week @ Purdue

#16 Arizona State - W 41-17 vs Stanford.  Carpenter has looked good so far this year throwing for almost 750 yards in the first 2 games although he is getting hit relentlously.  They did have 10 penalties against Stanford which wont fly in a couple of weeks against UGA.  Next week vs UNLV

#17 Kansas - W 29-0 vs Lousiana Tech.  Defense pitched a shutoout as Reesing threw for over 400 yards and Kansas rolled to another victory.  Next week will be their first test of the season as they hit the road.  Next week @ #18 USF.

#18 USF - W 31-24 OT vs UCF.  Grothe threw for almost 350 yards as USF survived a comeback from UCF and won it in OT after they had a chance to end it in regulation.  Next week vs #17 Kansas.

#19 BYU - W 28-27 @ Washington.  The most controversial game of the weekend with the personal foul at the end but they still put themselves in a position to win and got enough penetration to block the XP.  Next week vs #22 UCLA.

#20 Illinois - W 47-21 vs Eastern Illinois.  They started off slow but took care of business at home and Juice Williams had another huge game, this time on the ground, as Illinois rolled.  They were up 47-7 before 2 garbage TD's were tacked on at the end.  Next week vs La-Lafayette.

#21 West Virginia - L 3-24 @ ECU.  After looking fairly impressive in their opening week win they come out and couldnt get it done at ECU.  Their rushing game was working well for them but they just couldnt get it all together in one or two drives (case in point they ran for right at 199 yards yet only score 3 points)  Hopefully with a long week of practice they will get back into the groove of everything and put it in the endzone.  Next week Bye

#22 UCLA - Bye.  Next week vs @ #19 BYU

#23 Utah - W 42-21 vs UNLV.  Utah avenged last years loss @ UNLV and their Defense held UNLV under 75 yards of total offense in the 2nd half.  They also did not have a let down game after their big win last week at Michigan.  Next week @ Utah State.

#24 Cal - W 66-3 @ Washington State.  They have won their first 2 games in the matter they were expected to.  Their offense looks like it is starting to click and will be a force to be reckoned with in the Pac 10 this year.  Next week @ Maryland.

#25 GTech - W 19-16 @ BC.  I said this last week but I believe GaTech is going to be the surprise team in the ACC to kind of restore some credibility back to the conference, But they have a long way to go for that.  Next week @ Virginia Tech.


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What a way to start the year

Like so many of you this the new season sprung eternal hope.  A new QB new Offensive Cord. and we were all ready to roll.  To bad that rolling had to start on the west coast for the 2nd straight year and that 3000 mile flight home is going to be a long flight for the second straight year. 

First let me congratulate the Bruins for a hard fought game. 

ANYTIME you get 4 interceptions in the first half you should have a 3 TD lead at the minimum.  Our Defense played lights out the first half as well posting a shutout (Only TD was a blocked punt) The second half was a bit of a change.  Instead of "manning" up and playing in your face they backed off the WR about 10 yards and let Kraft get in a rythm. 

I dont really feel like dwelling on this so the good I saw in this game is Crompton showed poise in leading TN down the field on 2 different occasions and showed determination diving for the first down head first inbetween 2 UCLA defenders getting the crap knocked out of him then getting right back up to run another play.  Our run defense looked a lot better as well as tackling (we didnt miss many tackles this game) and our secondary looked great as well and I only think there were a couple of deep balls completed all game and the only pass that I felt was unconvered was UCLA's TD pass to take the lead in the 4th. 

Arian Foster still fumbles in oppurtune moments (remember Penn St 2 years ago?) and Hardesty showed his burst and ability to gain yards after initial contact.  If we expect to win against UF we have to play tighter and we cant let their WR catch those 5-8 yard slants because they will take some the distance. 

Oh yea, Lincoln... Keep your head up you are a great kicker I just think you left your leg in Knoxville.  You will get the chance to redeem yourself at some point throughout the season. 

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Posted on: March 28, 2008 10:40 am

Tennessee Vols

Alot of people will mention how we were overrated but we as Vols fans need to remember what we accomplished this year will hopefully set the stage for the upcoming years and allow us to accomplish bigger and better things.  We went 31-5 and set a new TN record for wins in a season.  We have also showed potential recruits our style of play and we are a couple of players away from deeper tourney runs. 

Louisville played lights out against us and was argueably one of the hottest teams in the tourney this year.  All we can do now is hope for a better team next year.... GO VOLS

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Ken Griffey Jr.

I was reading the article on A-Rod and one of the posters said as long as he doesnt pull a Griffey and that got me to thinking where would Griffey be if he hadnt been so injury prone.  So I looked up his stats from CBS...

and I took his avg number of homeruns for seasons under 140 games played and stretched it out over a 160 games to find out where he "could" be. 


1994 - 18 more homeruns

1995 - 19 more homeruns

2001 - 10 more homeruns

2002 - 10 more homeruns

2003 - 26 more homeruns

2004 - 18 more homeruns

2005 - 9 more homeruns

2006 - 13 more homeruns

This equals out to 123 more homeruns that he couldave/shouldave had over the course of his career.  With that total it would have put him at 716 heading into this year with him possibly being the first to 800 HR.  No real point I just remember cheering for him when I was younger and wondering what couldave been if he never got injured (or never missed more than 40 games a year.

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Bored at Work

refrenced to TennFan1975's take a charge I decided to take one today.  I had a perfect oppurtunity with two people walking down the hall then I slid in front of one and I took a charge.  I flopped so good that you would have thought I played for Duke.  To bad neither one of the people understood what I did until after I explained it to them.  Anyways I was bored and just wanted to share this.
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Posted on: February 5, 2008 10:02 pm

1st half TN vs Fl

I didnt get to watch the first half because I am working but I watched it on sportsline and a couple of things that I saw


46% on 3's

77% on FTs

only gave up 1 offensive rebound


only 1 assist



If we are going to win this game we have to play defense in the 2nd half. 

Oh yea and Lofton hit 2 threes...

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Posted on: January 30, 2008 12:56 pm

Vols Basketball Recruiting

First things first I am using Rivals for all my player rankings.

We have two people signed for the class of 08' and we are looking at more.

Renaldo Woodridge SF 6'8 205 lbs.  Is the #10 ranked at his position and the #57 overall. A wing player that would give us more heighth and the ability to do more with our press.  He has already signed his LOI.  Depending on departures he might be redshirted next year.

Phillip Jurick Center 6'10 250 lbs.  Is the #13 at his position and the #63 overall.  This is another big body that we can use down low and the most impressive thing about this kid is his ability to rebound.

Other players that still have us on their "list" of schools...

Scotty Hopson SG 6'5 185 lbs.  is the #2 ranked at his position and the #9 overall.  Also on his list are Cincinnati, Louisville, Mississippi St., and Kentucky.  He would fit in nicely especially with the departure of Lofton he could be used to knock down some BIG shots.

Wesley Witherspoon SF 6'8 185 lbs.  Is the #9 ranked at his position and the #56 overall.  Would provide good height on our frontline and could fit in nicely with Pearls pressing attack.  Also being recruited by a Clemson, Colorade, Geo. Washington, Kansas State, LSU, Memphis, UNC, Texas, and Virginia so this one seems the least likely

Rashanit Harris PF 6'8 238 lbs.  Is the #30 ranked player at his position and the #112 overall.  Would be able to proivide us with some "muscle" down low and hopefully solidify our frontcourt rotation.  Others still in the running... Florida, Mississippi St., Ole Miss, and Texas.

Verdell Jones PG 6'4 160 lbs.  Is the #26 ranked player at his position and the #123 overall.  Would give us more heighth at the PG position and could possibly redshirt or squeeze someone out of our rotation.  Other schools looking at him are Kentucky, Minnesota, and Tennessee are high with other schools being at low and medium.

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